ABSTRACT This paper presents part of the results of a research project on the identity of the urban middle class Brazilian women, and on how they perceive maternity, close relationships, sexuality, marriage and career, among other aspects of their lives. We interviewed 25 university students, aged 18 to 28, and enrolled in different courses of private and public universities of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The interviews were taped recorded and transcribed and the resulting texts were analyzed according to the following categories: maternity; sexuality; family; close relationships; physical appearance; professional career. The discourse analysis pointed to the fact that new attitudes and behaviors on the part of women are seen as not only possible, but also as desirable. Palavras-chave:Relações de gênero. ABSTRACT Study on gender relations and contributions of teaching pratice to desmystify the differences and prejudices about sex sexism in romm-to-school.

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