Why Foams Aren’t As Bad As You Think


Get the value for your money by investing in aerolite ceiling insulation today. Drastic temperature changes will be minimal if you use Aerolite to insulate your premises’ ceiling and it gives you a comfortable living environment. Above all, this type of insulation is cost effective because it is durable and it protects your home legitimately. Let us look at some of the outstanding features of Aerolite ceiling insulation.

Reduced effects of temperature change – Installing aerolite ceiling insulation can work wonders in your workplace or home by reducing the consequences of a rise or fall in temperature without any additional expenditure on electricity bills which is not common with other forms of ceiling insulation.

Aerolite is Non-Combustible – Non- combustible means that it does not burn quickly and this is made possible by the glass fiber in it. The Aerolite insulation has high fire rates. This property makes it usable in high-temperature environments such as boilers and stoves. Glass-fibre in the aerolite makes it have this outstanding feature.

Asbestos-free – Aerolite does not contain asbestos in its composition unlike other insulation materials; therefore, it is eco-friendly and does not have adverse health effects on humans. In its compositions, it has 80% reused glass and sand. People are continuing to install aerolite ceiling insulation all over the world due to its enormous benefits, and additionally, it has been in use for a long time. It has a useful duration of nearly 50 years.

Climatic Zones and Aerolite – The climate conditions in a region can significantly affect the thickness of aerolite that one installs in his ceiling for insulation purposes. In cool places, you will require thick aerolite ceiling insulation.

Aerolite and Soundproofing – Apart from its work in thermo-regulation, Aerolite is also an excellent material to create a sound proof environment. Installing aerolite on walls and ceiling keeps the interior of your apartment quiet away from noise from outside. Likewise, any sound that comes from the inside cannot pass through to the outside. There will be a little noise disturbance, and you will be calm as you want.

Economical – Everyone wants to get the best from any activity that he performs, and at the same time, he wants to spend less on the work. It complies with current environmental laws regarding roof insulation. The benefits may be in monetary terms or non-monetary terms. You will have a long lasting solution for ceiling insulation.

No effect of the ozone layer – Many gases have negative impacts on the ozone layer and some of the ceiling insulation materials produces these gasses. Therefore, it doesn’t harm the ozone layer in any manner. Aerolite does not have any (ODP) ozone depletion potential. Aerolite does not have chemicals associated with ozone layer depletion.

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