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The Types and Uses of Steam Cleaners Steam Cleaners are machines used to clean surfaces with hot water. Steam cleaners are used to kill allergens, mold, bacteria, and fungus on surfaces. Mainly, steam cleaners are employed in homes, inns, and restaurants. A a steam cleaner can be used to clean any surface that is heat resistant. There are two available types of steam cleaners: Vapor Steam Cleaners and Traditional Steam Cleaners. Traditional steam cleaners include a hose, boiler, container and brushes and use warm water to make the surface clean. These steam cleaners are used on the floor only. The warm water is spread on the dusty surface, and the revolving brushes scrub the floor and then collect the water into a container. Some of these cleaners need a cleaning agent to remove the stain but mostly they rely on the steam and brushes to clean. Vapor steam cleaners have a container with a heater, a hose and a nozzle. Water is boiled in the tank to produce the steam, and the dry steam is thrown onto the dirty surface through a hose and nozzle. The steam is used to loosen the dirt particles and stains on the surface . The surface is then cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
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The vapour content in the steam cleaner is only six percent hence the surface will dry out as soon as it is cleaned. It is possible to clean a surface that is heat resistant using a vapour steam cleaner. It is good for people who are allergic to chemicals.
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The best steam cleaners are bundled with replaceable steam hoses that are permanently attached. The major problem encountered with a fixed hose is in case of an unexpected hose breakdown, the user will be required to carry the whole system back for servicing which is inconveniencing especially if the cleaner is frequently used. It is recommended that you buy a vapor cleaner with a replaceable hose. AAnother important attribute that you need to consider when buying a steam cleaner is the housing. Steam cleaners of high quality are made of stainless steel, heavy-duty plastic casing or else a combination of both. Do not buy a steam cleaner that has a painted metal casing as it will rust with time resulting from the heat that the cleaner generates. It is important that you differentiate between carpet steam cleaners with steam cleaners as they are targeted towards distinctly different applications. It is possible to use steam cleaners for spot cleaning of carpets, drapes, and upholstery, but they are primarily designed to clean hard surfaces and are not geared towards the cleaning of carpets. aCarpet steam cleaners are a type of carpet cleaner that is dedicated to carpet cleaning services. If you need to clean the carpet, stick to the carpet steam cleaner but not the vapour steam cleaner.