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How to Maintain Marble Floors Marble is a beautiful natural stone that is used in homes and commercial places for a wide range of applications. Some of the most common places you will find marble include the bathroom flooring and kitchen countertops. Marble is not only used widely because of its beauty, but its level of flexibility plays a major role too. It is one of the most flexible stones you will ever find in the building and construction industry. You need to take care of marble on a regular basis for it to maintain its excellent looks. Wear and tear will definitely degrade the looks of marble even though the stone itself is durable. One thing to note when dealing with marble floors and countertops is that they cannot be cleaned in a similar fashion to other stone floors. The reason behind this is that marble is a very soft stone that is susceptible to chipping, etching, and staining. Cleaning marble calls for the right approach that focusses on eliminating dirt while maintaining the luster. Marble floors face a common problem known as scratching. You can actually avoid scratching by remove debris and dirt from the floors on a constant basis. Sand and small stones are the main problem causing scratching and tarnishing on marbles floors. Another common problem is water spills. When there is a spillage, clean the floors or counter tops with water and a piece of cloth. Avoid using highly acidic solutions or vinegar since they will end up causing chemical etching.
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Any acidic liquid can cause stains on the marble. Clean any spills from soft drinks and wines as fast as they occur. While cleaning, don’t rub the floors thoroughly since you may end up discoloring or scratching that particular section. One way of eliminating spills is to use a soft rag to absorb the liquid. You can use a soft mop if you have one. You should also be careful with the chemicals you use to clean the marble floors or countertops. Avoid acidic chemicals which will end up destroying the beautiful marble.
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Although marble has very good looks, it is fragile. Don’t place heavy objects or drag things across marble floors. If you must place a heavy object on the marble, use a mat to lessen the weight exerted. If you have children, you know how bad it can get when they decide to play with their toys on marble. Inform them that they shouldn’t play on areas that don’t have mats. It is tiresome to maintain your marble floors but more expensive to repair them hence ensure to clean them constantly.